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Prince George Toyota is Northern British Columbia’s top dealership for taking care of your Toyota vehicle, from parts to services to accessories and beyond. As part of the Steele Group, we’re one of three premier Toyota dealerships on the West Coast that are prepared to help you with the most-requested Toyota parts and services.


Buy and Service Toyota Brakes

With BC’s incredible seasonality, brakes are a vital component of keeping your family safe. Brakes can be complicated to diagnose and repair because there are so many moving pieces and stages of the braking system’s lifecycle. The team at Prince George Toyota can help you diagnose and repair any issues, or simply replace aged brakes for you with genuine OEM Toyota brakes manufactured for your specific vehicle model.


oil change

Quick Toyota Oil Changes

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly is with regular oil changes, especially here in Northern British Columbia. Stay on schedule with mileage-based routine updates, and notifications from your trusty Toyota vehicle. When you’re ready, book your fast oil change at Prince George Toyota and we’ll complete the job right!


Affordable Oil Changes at Prince George Toyota

• Quick Prince George, BC-area oil changes 

• Synthetic oil, dosed appropriately for your vehicle

• Toyota OEM parts and filters 

• The best service team around

remote start

Toyota Remote Start & Remote Connect Services

Many of our new Toyota vehicles come with remote start already installed. If your Toyota doesn’t yet have remote start, then we can help! There’s no better way to keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool during Prince George’s toasty summer months without needing to leave your front door.

With Remote Connect, Toyota owners can enjoy starting their vehicle from the comfort of almost anywhere using your keys or even your phone. You can also connect smart devices like Alexa and Google Home, smartwatches, and other smart technology for added convenience. With Toyota Connected Services, vehicle ownership has never been easier or more fun.



Toyota Battery Options in Prince George

The average life for a new battery is 5 to 7 years. When it comes time to source a new one, you want to be sure you’re getting the best quality for your beloved vehicle. Enter: Toyota Batteries. Our technicians can not only select the correct OEM Toyota battery for your vehicle but can also install it quickly (and affordably) and to manufacturer specifications.



Toyota Tire Selector & Installation Services

Your tires are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road beneath you. Needless to say, they’re an important part of vehicle safety and upkeep. Between Toyota’s unbeatable Price Match Promise on tires and our online customized tire tool, we’re a local top pick for tire orders and installs. Select tires easily online, view prices, and book your installation with our service team today.



Toyota Accessories for all Toyota Vehicles

When it comes to taking on unique West Coast terrain and weather, Prince George drivers know that sometimes you’ve just got to splurge on the coolest accessories. From rooftop tents for your Tacoma to hood deflectors and grille covers, the Parts Department at Prince George Toyota can help you make the most of your vehicle with top-tier accessories. We have a massive inventory of OEM and aftermarket accessories readily available, and if you’re looking for something unique our team can quickly help you order it.


Trust Your Toyota to the Experts at Prince George Toyota

The team here at Prince George Toyota has a reputation of excellence when it comes to caring for Toyotas and vehicles of other makes and models as well. When you're looking for Toyota services and parts that are second-to-none, look to Prince George Toyota and the best red team around.

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