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Take Your Car Wash to the Next Level with Prince George Toyota

Your vehicle is a big investment, and regular car washes are an important part of protecting it for the long haul - especially when it comes to erosion and damage from salt and grime in the Northern Capital. Toyota Touch Vehicle Detailing Services go above and beyond just a regular ol’ car wash: our team prides itself on scrubbing away dust, dirt, salt and mud on Prince George vehicles until they look like they’re fresh out of the factory. With three different detailing packages to choose from, there is a suite of Toyota Touch cleaning services for every need and budget. Leave the dirty work to us: bring your car, truck or SUV to the Prince George Toyota detailing team for the royal treatment, and we’ll make sure you drive away feeling like you’re in a brand new ride!

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best, Prince George!

When you bring your vehicle to an automatic car wash, harsh chemicals and stiff, fast-moving brushes can do more harm than good to your vehicle’s exterior. Trust your ride to the experts at Prince George Toyota, where we only use Toyota-approved cleaning products, and detail the interior and exterior of your car by hand. Say goodbye to a ho-hum car wash, and hello to spectacular results from the team that cares about your vehicle!

Auto Detailing Can Save You Money

Up in the Canadian North, we know how dirty our vehicles can get! But driving around in a muddy or salt-covered vehicle doesn’t only look bad, it can also hide - or even cause - damage to your ride. While our team is professionally detailing your vehicle, we carefully inspect the exterior for scratches, rust or dents that might be hiding under all that grime. Fixing those problems early can save you a lot of money down the road, and even help improve your vehicle’s resale value. Keep your car, truck or SUV looking and running its best with a detailing package from Prince George Toyota!

Detailing Packages for Prince George Drivers

Deluxe Package

Passenger Cars $109.95
SUVs, Vans & Trucks $139.95

+ tax and shop supplies

• A thorough hand washing and drying of your vehicle’s exterior

• Complete interior cleaning which includes vacuuming of seats, carpets and floor mats, plus cleaning of glass and instrument panel

• Deodorizing treatment for that new-car smell

• A complete inspection report upon completion so you can fix small problems before they become big, expensive problems



Premium Package

Passenger cars $289.95
SUVs, Vans & Trucks $325.95

+ tax and shop supplies

• Wheels, inner fender and undercarriage power washing

• Vacuuming of the trunk

• Floor mat shampoo and spot shampooing of stains

• Two-step paint restoration process that includes machine polish and paint finish sealant to eliminate minor paint imperfections and keep your Toyota shining

• Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim to prevent drying and cracking

• Locks and hinges lubricated


Ultimate Package

Passenger cars $449.95
SUVs, Vans & Trucks $529.95

+ tax and shop supplies

• Engine compartment and lower body shampoo and degreasing

• Environmental residue removal with paint restoration process

• Interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats, door panels

• Fabric protection for passenger compartment fabrics



Ready to Book Your Next-Level Car Wash?

Whether you’re ready to book one of our auto detailing packages, or simply have questions about which package will work best for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us - the team here at Prince George Toyota is ready to help!


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