How to Handle Your Brand-New Toyota: 4 Valuable Tips

By: Prince George Toyota   |   30 Jun 2022

The first time you drive a new car can be a memorable experience. In the beginning, the vehicle is like a newborn baby. The engine parts have not been worn down by use, and they need to gain a mechanical familiarity with one another.

The manual that comes with your Toyota recommends that you take it easy when you first take it out for a spin. This will help to ensure that the engine gets used to running and that all of the moving parts in it work with each other appropriately. Let’s explore the benefits of breaking in your Toyota and explain why these recommendations exist.

In this article, we’ll share four tips to help you keep a brand-new Toyota in working condition.

1. Avoid High RPMs on Your First 1000km

Ideally, it's best to avoid switching to sudden speeds carelessly for the first 1000km. According to the Toyota owner's manual, doing so will put extra strain to the engine which can prematurely compromise its lifespan in the long term.

It's best to stick under 4,000 RPMs while driving a brand new Toyota. However, you're definitely allowed to go beyond that once you've gone past the 1000km mileage. Keep this in mind so you can temper yourself and preserve your car's maneuverability. 

2. Refrain From Hard Braking on Your First 300km

Take extra care of your brakes in the first 300km that you drive the car. This is because the brake pads have not been worn into the rotors. If you begin braking hard, or if you encounter a situation where you have to stop quickly, this can mess up your brakes. Give your brake system a chance to warm up.

3. Don't Use the Cruise Control on Your First 1000km

The two are related in a binary way. As stated, you want to vary the engine's RPMs over time to keep the engine properly broken in. We suggest not using cruise control for your first 1000km since cruising without constant input from the driver allows the engine to run at a wide variety of RPMs over time.

4. Cycle Engine Speeds on Your First 1000km

When you break in your new Toyota, you will want to avoid extended periods of a consistent load. Doing so will cause the engine to break in incorrectly. Therefore, you should vary the rate at which the vehicle is driven. One way to do this is to change speed more frequently if you have an automatic transmission. If you have a manual transmission, engine load can be altered by upshifting or downshifting, which causes the engine to work harder at that speed.


Breaking in a new car is an important step in extending its lifespan that is often overlooked. It becomes clear that it is a process that must be followed to ensure the vehicle is running at its maximum potential. We hope that you now have a better understanding of breaking in and can take the extra steps needed to ensure that your engine is running at its peak. Stay safe on the road and enjoy your ride!

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