They Turned Their Tacoma into a Fortress

By: Prince George Toyota   |   26 May 2021
Campers around a Tacoma

Feature image: The BCT by TruckHouse™

“Nevada-based startup TruckHouse turns the Toyota Tacoma into a compact beast of an all-terrain expedition vehicle, finding a middle ground between huge expedition trucks and 4x4 camper vans.”

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We know that Prince George is a truck-lovin’ town, but only Tacoma drivers love their trucks enough to want to live in it! For those who have a penchant for travel and adventure, your options are typically limited to hauling an RV behind your truck or purchasing a new (often expensive) motorhome. But what if you could transform your current pickup into a home-on-wheels?!

We were inspired by a recent New Atlas article that examines how new lightweight truck-campers are changing the way folks think about mobile living. Many truck campers require big trucks that can accommodate the weight of the camper, which isn’t ideal for drivers who already have a midsize pickup or who don’t have the budget (or even desire!) to upgrade to a heavy-duty model. That’s why we’re excited to see new options, like these revolutionary rigs from the Nevada-based company TruckHouse, hitting the market, offering improved versatility for owners of midsize pickups like the Tacoma.



Photo: The BCT by TruckHouse™

What Makes Tacoma the Ideal Truck for Mobile Living?

"We started by breaking down what the perfect overland camping experience was to us, and from there we built the most capable and livable vehicle we could imagine," explains TruckHouse COO and cofounder Nicolo Monforte. "We selected the Toyota Tacoma for its modest size, maneuverability, and proven longevity. We then built a carbon fiber-reinforced composite house to match everything we love about the truck and its utility."

New Atlas - Automotive

So why choose the Toyota Tacoma as the perfect truck for a mobile-living upgrade? Here are a few of our favourite Tacoma features that make it such a worthy machine:

  • The Tacoma is midsize and perfectly powered, giving it the ability to go where both smaller and larger vehicles could never go.

  • Tacoma TRD Pro is regarded as one of the best off-roading pickup trucks on the market, beating all major competitors across the board. Tacoma is torture-tested in some of the most gruelling conditions on the planet to ensure it remains at the top of the off-roading food chain.

  • As one of the most agile trucks you’ll ever have the pleasure of driving, Tacoma offers unparalleled maneuverability in a variety of conditions and terrains.

  • Tacoma is a fuel-efficient pickup, helping to reduce travel costs once you’ve set out for adventure.

  • Toyota delivers the best technology and safety packages of any auto manufacturer. You get all of the most innovative safety and connectivity features as standard fare, providing peace of mind that you’re well taken care of no matter where the road less travelled takes you.

  • Tacoma is affordable! Let’s face it - you’re going to come up against some added costs when you transform your truck into a mobile rig. Why not start out with one of the most value-added trucks on the market to help absorb some financial burden? MSRP begins at just $38,350, with TRD Pro models starting as low as $56,000.

Tacoma driving over a mountain

“TruckHouse will ultimately allow buyers to select the model of Tacoma they'd like to base their camper rig on, but it chooses the range-topping TRD Pro for its first prototype. Independent of the front skid protection, Crawl Control and other off-road goodies Toyota throws in to make the TRD Pro top dog in the factory Tacoma world, TruckHouse adds in its own components, including a 12-in long-travel front suspension, fully fabricated rear axle, custom rear leaf spring suspension with Fox shocks, four-wheel disc braking, and available front and rear lockers. After TruckHouse gets through with it, the Tacoma TRD Pro is more ready than ever to travel freely off-grid, unimpeded by treacherous off-road obstacles that might trap or debilitate lesser and larger vehicles.”

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Your Tacoma, Your Way at Prince George Toyota

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