Corolla vs. Civic: Which Car Comes Out on Top?

By: Prince George Toyota   |   05 Mar 2021

As a group of Toyota-driving superfans ourselves, the team here at Prince George Toyota might be a little biased about which cars we think are the best on the road. Dependability, innovation, safety and value? We’ll take the Toyota, thank you! But we know that BC drivers have a wide variety of options available to them, which is why we take buyer education seriously. We want you to drive away with the highest level of confidence possible that purchasing a Toyota was the right choice.

Today on the blog, we’re taking buyer education to the next level by putting two of BC’s best-selling cars into a head-to-head competition: the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. Both of these compact sedans shout, “I’m efficient and affordable!” from the mountaintops - but is that enough for modern car-buyers from the Northern Capital? Let’s tear these sedans apart, spec-by-spec, to find out which car comes out on top!

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Technology & Safety

Toyota is an industry leader when it comes to automotive innovation, and its entire lineup of vehicles boast tech and safety features that simply can’t be outclassed by the competition.


  • Corolla features a 7- or 8-inch touchscreen display (in a gorgeous and functional dash-topping design, no less), while Civic’s touchscreen only measures 5-inches, making it challenging to access while you’re on-the-go.

  • To help keep you connected, Corolla offers a handy wireless charging pad and multiple USB ports (including back-seat accessible options), whereas Civic only offers the bare minimum of two front-seat charging ports and nothing for rear passengers.

  • While both cars include infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation and SiriusXM Satellite radio, Corolla offers most of these as standard - even in the $21,500 base model - though you’ll need to pay nearly $30,000 for Civic’s top trim to unlock all of these features.

  • You’ll find vibrant LED daytime running lights and taillights on all trims of the Corolla, but once again, you’ll need to pay for Civic’s top trim to gain access to LED lighting.


It’s a similar story when it comes to advanced safety - what most brands consider to be high-level safety features are merely standard fare in the Toyota Corolla! Forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and so much more are all standard, thanks to Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. Honda offers its own safety suite, Honda Sensing, but most of its features are only available as pricey add-on packages.

“The 2021 Toyota Corolla continues its tradition of being an inexpensive, safety-minded, and well-equipped compact car. Available as either a four-door hatchback or sedan, the little Toyota offers a variety of personalities.”

Car and Driver

Trims & Powertrains

One of the biggest areas where Corolla outshines the Honda Civic is the availability of an ultra-efficient hybrid powertrain. Toyota’s intelligent regenerative braking technology gives all of its hybrid vehicles a remarkably long range (Corolla is capable of travelling 950 km on a single tank!), and the brand’s commitment to affordability makes the hybrid lineup accessible for eco- and budget-conscious drivers. The 2021 Corolla Hybrid starts at just $25,090.

toyota corolla xse - honda civic touring

Looking for top-tier luxury? The Corolla XSE and Civic Touring are the highest trim levels for each sedan, and deliver plenty of sporty features for under $30K. The major difference is that the high-level features offered in the Civic Touring, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, fog lamps, smartphone connectivity and push-button start, are all features that come standard in the base-model Corolla SE for about $8000 less. The top-trim suite that Toyota offers is truly full of advanced luxury features, such as laser-clad valves (performance technology developed from F1 racing), Smart Key Entry, a 7-inch digital speedometer, premium audio experience and more - and the Corolla XSE still costs a few thousand dollars less than the Civic Touring!

“I got a 2021 L-model, and being the most basic trim level I am very surprised how smooth and comfortable it is to drive. I have had the 1997 & 2017 models before, and I clearly notice how they have improved its manoeuvrability. The suspension is awesome compared to the previous years, comfortable seats and good control… the headlights at night work wonderful, good stereo, and more visibility with the back-up camera. It will be my car for a long time.”- Victor S.,

the best corolla - 2021 l model

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Corolla vs. Civic? We’ll Take the Corolla!

Innovative tech & safety, functional (and cool!) convenience features, plus plenty of powertrains and trims to choose from - not even the Honda Civic can take on the modern and value-added Toyota Corolla! From hood to trunk, you simply get more for less when you join the Toyota family. Don’t just take our word for it - come get into the driver’s seat of a hot-new Corolla to experience for yourself why this compact sedan reigns supreme!

We’re welcoming new Corollas, plus plenty more best-selling models, daily here at Prince George Toyota, and our team can’t wait to show you all that the Toyota lineup has to offer. Take a look through our current inventory, or reach out to our team to schedule your test drive today!

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