The Toyota Corolla vs. the Honda Civic - 2019 Roundup

By: Prince George Toyota   |   09 Oct 2018
corolla vs. civic

One of the most-commonly compared vehicles to our beloved Corolla is the Honda Civic. It’s been popular amongst youth and older demographics alike, but at a cost of performance and reliability when compared to the Corolla. Today, we put the 2019 Toyota Corolla (which is now available as a hatchback!) against the Honda Civic to see who really comes out on top!

The Basics

For the record, both are comparatively priced starting at an MSRP of $16,790, but higher trim levels come in at a lower cost on the Corolla. As of 2019, the Corolla now has a hatchback edition, and it means business. The Civic does as well, and both models have sedan and coupe options available. Both vehicles are incredibly similar in terms of size, weight, length, and interior space.

Technology and Features

When it comes to technology, it’s truly hard to beat a Toyota. We have the award-winning EnTune infotainment system, intuitive driving technology, and more.


The Corolla has a 1.8L engine, compared to a 1.5L on the Civic. This will get you more power, faster. Top that with manual transmission options, front-wheel drive and hill-assist control, and the Corolla is starting to really stand apart.


toyota corolla


hona civic



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EnTune 2.0

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STAR Safety System

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Safety Features Available on Base Trim

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Apple CarPlay

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Android Auto

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Toyota Safety Sense

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Speaking of Safety…

At Toyota, we’re known for taking the extra steps in our crafting process to produce perfection. Our safety features are no different. When you’re buying a Corolla, you’re getting more than just an excellently priced and fuel-efficient car. You’ll find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with the following Toyota Safety Sense features:


  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection: Prevents hitting pedestrians or other obstacles using radar technology. On the Civic, they've created a Pedestrian-Friendly front hood that is energy-absorbing, where we aim to prevent collisions completely.

  • Auto High Beams: Detects when you need them and when you don’t

  • Lane Departure Assist with Steering Assist: Watches your path to ensure that you’re always where you need to be, and helps keep you there

  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Uses radar technology to keep you at a steady speed, without ever getting too close to the car in front of you, and eliminates the stop-and-start scenario that can make cruise control a burden


Guess what? You won’t find any of these features on the Civic. You’ll find important features like anti-lock brakes and traction control, which we already include as a standard on all models with our STAR safety system.


Ready to make the best decision for you and your family? Shop our lineup of new Toyota Corollas and see what all the fuss is about.


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