Why we Love Tires and Why You Should Too

By: Prince George Toyota   |   05 Oct 2018

We’re not kidding when we say that we love tires. Why? Because they keep us safe and get us where we need to go! Some people might think that it’s hard to get excited about, but it really isn’t. Finding and installing the right tires for customers in Prince George and beyond gives us a sense of pride, knowing that we’re keeping families safe all winter long. Here are some facts to keep you cruising this winter tire season and beyond.

driving in deep snow

Winter Tires Save Lives

There’s no questioning it: winter tires have their benefits. Winter tires are so important that the British Columbia government actually legally mandates their installation for those travelling on many major highways and mountain passes.


We have another post entirely dedicated to deciding when to get your winter tires installed on your vehicle. You can check it out here. There are many ways to determine when is best for your swap over, but whatever you do: don’t miss it! Winter tires have substantially improved traction on ice and snow compared to summer and all-season tires, which will keep you on the road without missing a beat. Don’t get caught in the ditch!

off-roading in a toyota tacoma

Tires can be Customized

We don’t mean that you can have pink, yellow, and blue ones, but we mean that there are different options for different lifestyles. If you’re looking for off-road capable tires for your truck, you’ll be looking at a different set of rubber tires than if you’re looking to maximize fuel efficiency for highway driving in a small car.


Aside from the type and purpose that you’re using your tires for, you’ll also find that there are many brands to choose from. Some are more budget friendly while others are known for longevity and resisting cracks. Having an idea of what you’re looking for in a tire will help make your tire buying experience that much easier.


Though, for those of you who have a mechanic in your family with a love for old school white walls on their tires, they still exist. From brands like BD Goodrich and Michelin, we have you covered.

man enjoying highway driving

Tires Keep Your Ride Smooth

There’s an old saying that states you should always place priority on things that separate you from the ground: your shoes, your mattress, and even your tires. Your tires, no matter what season you’re driving in, are important in that they keep you off of the ground and cushion bumps, rocks, and any inconsistencies in the surfaces that you’re driving on. Between rubber, air, and your vehicle’s suspension, separating yourself can make your ride more comfortable.

If you’re looking for new tires for the winter season or for any season, check out our tire centre. Our professional technicians able to help you select and install your tires. Book your appointment today.

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