Spring Maintenance Tips for Summer Vacation

By: Prince George Toyota   |   05 May 2018

As the warm weather is rolling in, it’s time to start preparing yourself for a summer filled with road trips, late nights, and family vacations in Prince George or anywhere in BC's interior. If your car is still feeling the effects of the long winter months, a good spring cleaning can help you wash away the memory of ice and snow and welcome you into summer vacation. Before you start planning, take a look at our essential spring cleaning and maintenance tips and ensure your vehicle is reliable and ready for peak season fun. 

Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid

The season of snow, ice, salt, and wiper fluid is over but your windshield wipers might still be feeling the effects. Swap out those old tired blades for new ones as we move towards the season of bugs and rainy afternoons. Keeping your windscreen clear of debris helps make sure you get to take in the beauty of the landscapes around you as well as ensure maximum visibility.  The rubber should be making full contact with your windshield and if you see signs of cracking or breakdown in the rubber, it’s time for a change. 

Tire Pressure and Tire Swap

Tire pressure can have an impact on lots of things including traction, fuel economy and the overall health of your tires. If you haven’t done so already, swap out your winter tires for all season or summer tires. Everyone should be checking your tire pressure on the regular, add it to the list of things to check out before hitting the road and be sure to check your spare tire as well. Nothing is worse than a flat and with consistent monitoring of your tire pressure and wear, you’ll be flying from town to town with ease. 

Electrical Check: Battery, Lights and More 

The drastic winter temperatures can damage your battery and electrical system. Take some time to make sure all these parts are still in good working order as it’s possible that winter has hindered their performance up to 60 percent. This may be a test suited for a professional mechanic or service professional. If you sense your battery or headlamps have lost some of their gusto, test and replace the old or weak batteries, plugs and wires. Power your vehicle long into your adventures especially if you turn to your vehicle for powering pumps, speakers, or charging stations. No one wants to be caught at the lake without an expected power source.

Check Your Levels: Maintain Fluid Levels 

We’ve mentioned washer fluid but we can’t stress it enough; your summer trips will encounter a bug or two, dust and dirt from roads less (or frequently) travelled as well as a rainstorm or two. Change your washer fluid before you’re caught in a mess. Don’t stop at washer fluid. Keep track of all fluids and make sure each of the following is checked, topped up and still effective: engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and antifreeze/coolant. Time, temperature and use wear down your fluid levels and their effectiveness.  Change your fluids as part of your regular maintenance checkup and inspect for leaks in closed systems. Keep in mind that if power steering or brake systems are low on fluids, you have a leak on your hands.


If you’ve crossed off the things on this list, you’re prepared for any trip from Carp Lake to Vancouver. As the summer planning begins, bring your vehicle in for a regularly scheduled vehicle service and make sure your summer plans won’t be thwarted by vehicle repairs. 


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